Is Miami Dolphins QB Tyler Thigpen Better Than Madden Says He Is

When scanning through the Dolphins player ratings for the upcoming Madden 11 I noticed how low Miami QB Tyler Thigpen's rating was.

His overall is 64, which is a very bad rating for any player in Madden. The highest rating a player can get is 99, and any player with a rating below an 80 isn't very good.

I know that Thigpen definitely isn't considered one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but I still think his rating should be higher than a 64. Thigpen did pretty well last year when he played against the Steelers. I know his stats didn't reflect it, but he still almost lead the Dolphins to a victory.

He helped the Miami Dolphins come back from a 27-10 deficit with two touchdown drives. The only problem with the performance is that he threw an interception on the following two drives to seal the loss. While he didn't do a good enough job to win, he still was able to bring the Dolphins back to win.

I think he showed potential to be a good quarterback and should have a better rating than 64.

And, while I'm not sure whether I agree with it, many people believe Thigpen is better than Pat White. According to his Madden rating, Thigpen is worse than White(who had a rating of 66), which many people probably disagree with.

Do you think Thigpen is a better quarterback for the Miami Dolphins than Madden 11 makes him out to be? Let me know with your comments.

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