Lebron James To The Heat Or Brandon Marshall To The Dolphins: Which Addition In Miami Will Make A Bigger Impact On Their Team?

So by now you probably know all about Lebron James and him picking the Miami Heat in "The Decision".

It has gotten and unheard of amount of coverage in the past month, and now it is finally over and he is joining the Heat.

Now, since this is a blog about the Miami Dolphins, I figured it is my duty to compare such a big addition to an addition made by the Dolphins:

Brandon Marshall.

I am wondering, which addition will help their team more and be a bigger impact? Brandon Marshall or Lebron James?

Adding Lebron makes the Heat pretty much a lock to play in the NBA championship. When you pair him with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the Heat are going to be a very dangerous team.

Adding Marshall makes the Miami passing game a huge threat. It transformed a run first team to, most likely, a pass first team. It will spread out the defense and keep them from focusing on just the running game like they did last year. They have to worry about keeping Marshall in check, and that in turn will open up Miami's other receivers as well as the running game.

One thing we can both be certain of is that both teams will definitely have an increase in ticket sales. Lebron James and Brandon Marshall are both huge stars and will make people want to go to their games. For instance, I didn't have any intention of going to a Miami Heat game this season, but because of Lebron I might go to one.

Both players will help sell more tickets and fill the seats in the stadium, but I think Lebron has the upper hand in that because he is one of the most popular players in the NBA. Marshall is a superstar, but not like Lebron.

But back to the discussion: who will have the biggest impact? I think the answer is Lebron for one big reason that I haven't mentioned yet. Basketball is a team sport, but it requires a lot less players than football.

In basketball a single player can have a bigger impact than football. In basketball it is possible to be a successful team with one really good player. In football you need the majority of the 11 players on the field to do well in order to be successful. It's the nature of the game. Lebron James is a more important impact to the Heat than Peyton Manning is to the Colts. He is more important than any football player in the NFL.

So, while Brandon Marshall may not make as much of an impact as Lebron James, don't worry. He will still have a huge impact.

That is all I have to say now. If you emailed me a question, don't worry. I will answer it tomorrow. I just thought I should put this out there.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about Lebron and Marshall.

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