Looking For People (Not Just Miami Dolphins Fans) To Join The Dolphin Shout Fantasy Football League

Hey everyone. I am looking to host a fantasy football league with yahoo sports, and I am looking for people who are interested in joining.

If you are interested in joining, then email me at paul@dolphinshout.com. Also, if you have any friends that would be interested then let me know in the email.

I'm not sure whether I am going to do a money league or not. It all depends on what you guys want to do. When you send me the email, let me know if you would be willing to do a money league or not. If enough people are interested, then I would definitely be willing to.

The entry fee wouldn't be more than around $10, and the pot would be divided with the majority going to first place, and then a little to the runner up.

The scoring would be pretty normal. If you have any preference of scoring just mention it in the email. Also, I don't really want to do really hard scoring unless pretty much everyone wants to. Just putting that out there.

Basically, email me with your interest, the above things, and anything else you may have to say. I would like to do the money league, but I would be more than happy to do non-money too.

So, I look forward to hearing from you guys. I just can't wait to see how far Brandon Marshall lastst among a bunch of Dolphins fans. Once again, my email is:

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