The Miami Dolphins Are Building Depth To Help Create Competition

The Dolphins recently added both DE Marques Douglas and DT Montavious Stanley to the Miami Dolphins defense.

Additions like these were not extremely necessary moves, but they were definitely helpful. While we don't know for sure whether either player will start or not, we can be sure that they bring more competition to their respective positions.

When you have players competing for a position in any sport all of the players involved will only get better. Competition helps bring out the best in all athletes, and competition for a starting spot is no different.

The more depth a team has at a position, the better they will be because those players will compete with each other to try and earn the starting spot.

That is what I think will help the Dolphins prevail this season, and in future seasons. If you are constantly building depth on your team, you will constantly have players getting better.

If an athlete feels like their roster position is safe and they don't have to worry about losing it, they will be less motivated to get better than if they had another player threatening their position.

I came up with a "slogan" for depth on a team. It isn't exactly equivalent to a famous quote that you would hear someone in history say, but I think it is a good way of putting my thoughts in a sentence:

Depth is the key, and competition will create a champion

Without depth to create competition, a player will never continue to develop and be successful. You want a player to be comfortable when playing, but you don't want them to be too comfortable because they will feel like they don't have to work as hard.

This rule does have exceptions because there are some players that don't need competition to be better, but the majority of players will be much better with competition. And though there are exceptions, it should be a good rule of thumb for any team. Always bring in competition.

What do you guys think? Is depth important for a successful team? Please leave a comment with your opinion.

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