Miami Dolphins DE Phillip Merling Is All But Done Now Because Of Injury

In a post a few days ago I answered a question on whether I thought the Miami Dolphins would release DE Phillip Merling because of an assault charge.

I wanted the Dolphins to release him, and I still do. But, I didn't think they would because they haven't shown any signs of wanting to get rid of him. Well, now they have another reason to cut him.

He apparently has an injury to his Achilles Tendon injury and will be out for an unannounced amount of time.

This is just another reason for Miami to cut him, and I would be extremely surprised if they don't. Not only will cutting him clear up another roster spot and give the team a better image, but it is also possible that the injury wasn't football related. If that is the case, then it is possible that Miami will also not have to pay Merling his salary of $600,000 from last year.

Normally, you wouldn't want to get rid of a starter, but thankfully Miami went for Jared Odrick in the draft. Odrick and Merling were competing for the starting defensive end spot, so we know Merling can be replaced.

Aren't you guys glad that Miami traded down in the draft and was still able to get Jared Odrick?

Let me know with your comments.

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