The Miami Dolphins Misssed The Playoffs Because...

I have an assignment for all you Miami Dolphins fans out there.

I want to hear from the Dolphins community about our biggest concern for this year. I am talking something that would keep us from making the playoffs. Let me know what you think will be Miami's achilles heel for the 2010-2011 season.

It could be anything from lack of leadership to Chad Henne falling apart(God forbid).

Whoever sends in the best answer with the best reasoning, examples, etc. will have their answer posted on the blog. I will give every credit to the writer and take none of it for myself.

Email your answers to this email address:

Use a format similar to this:

Location(City, State, Country):
Website you would like to promote(optional):
Your answer:

For the subject of the email put this: The Miami Dolphins Misssed The Playoffs Because...

If you do not want to write a lot, please still send an email or leave a comment below saying what you think will be the biggest problem. All you have to do is say one or two words like: pass defense. I will be tallying the results, so every answer helps.

I thought of this idea because I am curious about what the majority of Dolphins fans think is most likely to go wrong. It is easy to get caught up in what is going right in the organization, and I sometimes overlook big problems.

Thanks for reading everyone, and my email again is:

Image courtesy of: J Pat Carter/AP

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