Miami Dolphins Training Camp Begins With Good Signs Everywhere

Training Camp Day 1 has ended, and we have mostly good results from camp.

First, we should start with Brandon Marshall. As you have probably heard, he did really well today. All reports from training camp are positive on Marshall, but what else did you expect. Marshall also had two big catches over CB Sean Smith, which leads me to my next topic.

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Sean Smith struggled when covering Marshall, but what else would you expect? One of the hidden benefits of having a great receiver is that they will also help your cornerbacks develop. It is especially important for Smith because he is very tall and doesn’t normally have to face receivers his size. Marshall is his size, so it added experience for Sean Smith.

As for the FS battle, Clemons appears to be the current starter and is turning into a pretty good starter. When talking about Chris Clemons, Tony Sparano had this to say:

“Chris Clemons had a good spring and this gives us a chance to see the next step, tackling and last line of defense type things.”

I will do my best to interpret what Sparano means, but I am not quite sure myself about what he means. From what I can tell he is saying that the FS position will no longer be a hindrance and they no longer have to plan around the position.

There is a good chance that I am completely wrong, but that is what I think was said.

And this last part will be on Jared Odrick, because I am sure you guys are curious about how he is doing.

He is currently in the starting position above Marques Douglas. Surprised? So am I. But, this is a good sign. Douglas is a very good player, and the fact that Odrick is starting above him is very, very encouraging.

We will see how things go, but for now Odrick is the top DE on the right side.

That is all for today. Hopefully the good signs will keep on coming as we monitor them. Be sure to keep checking back for updates on the FS and DE situations.

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