Miami Dolphins Training Camp Is Finally Upon Us

Training camp is finally here.

Now we can finally watch football again and follow position battles on the Miami Dolphins that we have been discussing for months. No longer are we just speculating about certain situations. Now we can actually see how the situations unfold. Situations like who will step up as a starting free safety and who will emerge as starters on the defensive line.

Photo courtesy of Hillyork
I am no longer bored. The Miami Dolphins have come to the rescue.

And, as the Dolphins enter training camp there is much optimism by the players about how they will perform this year. There is also a whole lot of optimism among Dolphins fans. This is one of the best Dolphins teams we have seen in years.

Think about it. Is there any team that has looked this good to you in the last ten years?

The funny part about that is that most people outside of the Dolphins fans underrate Miami. They don't predict much from South Beach in 2010. If you take away the article written by Michael Lombardi on then there really isn't much else outside of Miami that gives the Dolphins any kind of good prediction.

Don't worry. Predictions mean nothing when it comes to game time. Sure, they are a good indicator of how a team will perform when they do play, but they are definitely not 100% accurate. Nowhere close.

One thing I am sure of is that this will be a better year than last. Of that I am absolutely certain. We have only gotten better.

While other analysts have been paying attention to the New York Jets and New England Patriots they have been missing out on the best team in the AFC East. They will find out soon enough, though.

What is your prediction for this season? Do you think that this team is the best Dolphin team we have had in the last decade? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email at

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