The New Miami Dolphins Are Finally About To Arrive

If you read the Sun Sentinel, writer Ethan Skolnick describes the Miami Dolphins situation best: just about everything is unknown. Starting with the Owner making statements like Joey Porter, down to looking for a new identity.

The old group of players that didn't do much for us (as far as wins and losses are concerned) are gone.


And, taking with them a dark hole that we as fans were so accustomed to. Yes, some of those players had a lot of talent, but they had no idea what it took to win. What is worse is they had us fans caught up in the "wait until next year" pattern (just like cubs fans have).

Enough of that junk, toss it out the window and never look back to that dark hole again. This is a new team with different players looking for new leaders and a new identity.

I don't expect a big season this year because of the huge turn over on the defensive side of the ball.

What I do expect are guys that have learned to compete from the first day of training camp. This team is going to be fast, big, and young. Because the old group is gone they have no one to teach them how to lose, and they can look to themselves and find out how to get the job done.

That's how you find Leaders and Identity. It comes from action, making plays when they are needed, those are things this team needs to learn.

We haven't seen that in some time down here. Isn't it about time we did?

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