Training Camp Day 2: Miami Schedules A Workout With Quarterback Tommy Grady

This shirt was given to every player trying out for a spot on the Miami Dolphins. The picture was tweeted by Sean Smith (
I have to say that I am thoroughly confused.

The Miami Dolphins scheduled a workout with a new quarterback for next Monday. This was really surprising to me because I thought all of this time that the only move Miami would make concerning quarterbacks on the roster was to get rid of one.

Now, it looks like they are considering adding one?

Maybe they are looking for somebody to pressure Pat White into performing more. That is the only thing I can think of because they aren't likely to get rid of Chad Pennington because he has certain clauses in his contract that will most likely keep him in Miami. I forget what the clauses were, but they went somewhere along the lines of Miami paying Pennington money if they traded or released him.

So, that is unlikely.

But, what are they doing with him?

The quarterbacks name is Tommy Grady, and he played in the Arena Football League. Because I was unable to find statistics for Grady for his AFL career, I have looked up some of his statistics from college.

In his final year with the Utah Utes he completed 50.4% of his passes, which was definitely nothing special. He threw for 681 yards and 4 touchdowns in that year, also.

These numbers may not seem that great, and that is because they aren't. He was the backup, so you can cut him some slack with those stats. But, not too much because he was a backup in college.

Most college starters don't ever do much in the NFL, let alone their backup.

Also, his name is also eerily similar to Tom Brady. I don't let superstition get in the way, but I still don't know if I could ever get past the name.

So, I'm not sure what the Dolphins are planning, but let us hope it ends up to be something good.

And on a similar note, Pat White was at training camp today after missing yesterday. Tony Sparano would not reveal why White was out. All he said was that White had some personal health issues. Apparently those issues are resolved and he is back to working out with the team.

I hope he is able to do well because I believe he can still be a good quarterback and that we haven't wasted our second round pick on him, yet.

Thanks everyone for reading and please give me your feedback on either Tommy Grady or Pat White.

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