Will Kory Sheets Ever Be A Top Running Back For The Miami Dolphins?

The Sun Sentinel just did an article about how Kory Sheets wants to prove that he has more than just speed. He wants to prove he is "an every down back".

I'm wondering: Will he ever be an every down back for the Miami Dolphins.

I think we all can agree his speed is his strength. He is probably the fastest player on the team. In order for him to be more than just an average running back with speed, he has to be able to do more.

He was a great running back in college, but things will be a lot harder for him. In college he was able to run a lot faster than his opponents, where in the NFL his opponents are able to keep up with him more.

One thing that Tony Sparano wants to see more from Sheets is pass blocking. A running back who is good at pass blocking is invaluable because he can be the difference between a sack and a first down.

I am confident that Sheets has a good shot at making the roster, though, because he can be a great kick returner. One thing makes all of the difference for a kick returner: speed. You don't have to be good at your position to be a kick returner as long as you are fast.

Just ask Ted Ginn Jr.

We will see what happens, but I have a feeling it will take Sheets a few years to develop into an every down back like he wants. He may not ever develop into one, we just can't tell yet.

Post a comment below on whether you think Sheets will ever become a top back in Miami. I am interested to know what other Dolphins fans think.

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