After One Miami Dolphins Preseason Game We Haven't Learned Much

Cameron Wake courtesy of Palm Beach Post
If you are at all concerned with how the Miami Dolphins played in last night's mud bowl, then please, don't worry one more minute.

I know it looked like the Dolphins didn't do too well, and the offense wasn't really able to produce. While it may look that way, don't give their performance last night another thought.

The reason I say not to worry is that this is the preseason. It is never an indication of what the season is going to be like. The New England Patriots went 2-2 in the preseason before they had their almost perfect season.

The preseason means nothing.

Not even Brandon Marshall's dropped passes matter. Both of them were simply because the ball and/or his hands were wet. They weren't an indication of things to come in Miami. Brandon Marshall will be a beast for the Dolphins, two dropped passes won't change that.

If there was anything we learned, it was this: we have a pretty good secondary this year. Apart from them giving up a touchdown, our secondary played really well. Sean Smith got an interception, which was really exciting to me.

But, one player that sticks out to me that you don't normally hear about is CB Nate Ness.

The guy did great against Tampa Bay, and showed great skills. I think he has a great chance at making the team. Not only was his coverage really good, but he also forced two fumbles. Watch for him during these next three preseason games (that don't matter at all).

In the end, don't sweat this game. It means nothing and doesn't affect anything. Coaches are putting in new players all of the time to see how they do. They are not at all concerned about winning.

Miami will still be great, and this is what Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross said when asked during the game about his guarantee for this year:

"I already told you, we're going all the way"

I'm just glad the season has already started. Let me know what you all thought about the game.

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