Bold Predictions For The Miami Dolphins - How Ronnie Brown Will Do This Year

Ronnie Brown
Today I am going to start a new "series."

I will make predictions for players on the Miami Dolphins. Some predictions may be stronger than others, but I will stand by whatever I predict.

You may agree, and you may not. All I ask of you is to keep an open mind and respond to what I say with your comments. I enjoy writing a lot, but I also enjoy discussing just as much. You could even make your own predictions if you want.

Now that I have introduced my new series, I will start with my first set of predictions.

Ronnie Brown

1. Ronnie Brown Will Not Have A Single Injury Problem The Entire Season

Yep, I said it. Everyone who knows Ronnie Brown knows he is an injury concern. He missed the end of last season due to a serious foot injury.

It may sound ridiculous to believe that somebody with injury concerns like Brown has won't be injured, but here is what I am thinking:

The Dolphins will not need to hand the ball off to Brown as much as last year, or any year that Brown has been in Miami.

The Dolphins are now more of a passing team. More so than any other year that Brown has been with them. Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne are the main reasons for that. The Dolphins had been struggling to find a QB, until now. They also haven't had a superstar receiver in a very long time, until now.

Now that the Dolphins have more of a passing threat than ever before, why would they hand the ball off like they have before? If you add the fact that Brown will be splitting carries with Ricky Williams, you can see that Brown won't get nearly as many touches as he is used to.

2. Ronnie Brown Will Rush For 1000 Yards And 10 Rushing Touchdowns

I believe that Brown will reach two milestones this year: 1000 rushing yards (but not more than 1100), and 10 touchdowns (but not more than 12).

Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams have both said that they want to get 1000 rushing yard each, and I believe they can both do it. They are both completely fine with sharing carries.

If you look at just Brown's skill level, you can tell that he is capable of having much more than 1000 rushing yards. The problem is his injuries, which is why I don't think Miami will give him the ball too much.

He will do great things when he touches the ball, he just won't touch the ball a whole lot. Between splitting carries, injury concerns, and the Miami Dolphins new passing game I just don't see Brown surpassing more than 1100 yards.

BUT, he will still get 1000 yards. He is capable of it, and with the yards will come the 10 rushing touchdowns.

That is it for now. Let me know what you think. Please leave a comment with your reactions or your own predictions. I would really like to know what you guys think Ronnie Brown will do.

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