Bold Predictions For The Miami Dolphins - How Chris Clemons Will Do This Year

I will follow up the article yesterday about Chris Clemons with another of my bold predictions.

Clemons is a player with a lot of upside, and he should see a bunch of opportunities to make plays. He will do especially well early in the season, and the reason for that is included in my prediction below.

So, without further ado. Here it is:

Chris Clemons

1. Chris Clemons Will Have 6 Or More Interceptions

While these aren't extremely huge number, they are still pretty big numbers for a first-year starter. To do that he will have to continue to improve a lot, but I think he is capable of it.

He has already surprised a lot of people by how well he has played so far, so why wouldn't he continue to surprise during the season. He has probably gotten more experience and repetitions than any other FS in the NFL. I don't know that for sure, because there isn't a stat for it, but you would be hard pressed to find another FS who gets as many repetitions as Clemons does.

Another reason I think Clemons will get at least 6 picks is that a lot of offenses will try and throw the ball a lot against the Dolphins early in the season. They know that Miami wasn't good at covering the pass at all last year. So, they may try and throw a lot more than they normally would trying to beat the Miami Dolphins secondary.

That is where Clemons should be able to make his move. When the opposing quarterback throws the ball long Clemons will be ready to pounce and pick the ball right out of the air.

I know it sounds too simple for Clemons to just be able to come from out of nowhere and intercept the ball, but it is a pretty good possibility. Quarterbacks will be told to watch out for CBs Vontae Davis and Sean Smith because those two are the known threats in the Dolphins secondary.

Because of that, the quarterback will not be watching for Clemons. He can then surprise them with an interception.

That's my prediction for Chris Clemons. Let me know what you guys think of him.

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