Bold Predictions For The Miami Dolphins - How Anthony Fasano Will Do This Year

Anthony Fasano
I am continuing my bold predictions series for the Miami Dolphins, and today I will deal with Anthony Fasano.

I recently wrote about Fasano, who did great two seasons ago but didn't do great at all last season. I think he is going to do very well next year, and here is what I think he will be able to achieve:

1. Eight or Nine Touchdowns

Fasano had seven touchdowns two years ago, and that was when the Dolphins ran the ball a lot. Now, I believe Miami will throw a lot more than they have the past two seasons. That means that Fasano will get a lot more opportunities to score.

He had two touchdowns in one preseason game this year, so he should be able to get at least one touchdown for every two regular season games. Chad Henne will need somebody to dump the ball off to whenever he is in trouble, and that is where Fasano will be most helpful.

He is primed for another break-out year, and most teams won't be expecting it. That is going to be what really helps him. Defenses will be so focused on Brandon Marshall, Ronnie Brown, and Ricky Williams that other players like Fasano will get more opportunities.

2. 50 Receptions

He had 34 two seasons ago, and I think he will get the ball a lot. All of the same reasons as above for this one. It just seems to me like Henne will dump it off to Fasano a lot this year, padding his catches.

I don't think that he will only get the dump-off passes, but they will be pretty frequent in my opinion.

3. Top 10 Tight End

Fasano did it two years ago, so I think he will be able to do it again. I don't know how you will classify the Top 10 Tight Ends, but however you do it he will be on that list.

That's all for now. Let me know how you think Fasano will do this season.

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