Greg Camarillo Suffers Minor Injury, And Adds On To The List Of Miami Dolphins Injuries

The Miami Dolphins have already had a few injuries this training camp, and it only started a week ago.

I don't know about you guys, but I am scared to read about Miami's training camp everyday for fear that there will be news of Miami losing a big time player.

Thankfully, all of the injuries sustained so far are either very minor, or were to players that Miami could live without. I'm not saying that the injuries to A.J. Edds and Kory Sheets don't affect the team, I'm just saying that the team is not a whole lot worse off without them.

And news out of training camp is that Greg Camarillo has a minor groin injury. Hopefully he will be back soon because I like Camarillo, and I want to see him catch everything that is thrown at him.

Injuries are frustrating for everyone, so cross your fingers and hope that no other Dolphins have a serious injury during training camp. They will be a lot more fun to watch if they can avoid them.

Thanks for reading, and please be sure to check back tomorrow morning. I have another post scheduled for then.

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