Jake Long Is A Beast, Which Is Why Cameron Wake Beating Him Is A Really Good Sign

Cameron Wake
Most of you probably know Jake Long, the Miami Dolphins Left Tackle.

You should also know that Jake Long is a beast, and he has rarely been beaten in training camp this year. If you read any training camp reports on Long, you will see that he just doesn't get beat very often.

He has been in the Pro Bowl in his only two seasons in the NFL, and that is why I was so surprised when I read about Cameron Wake beating Jake Long three times in a row during training camp.

Wake has been doing well so far in camp, which is evidenced by the training camp performance.

When he was in last season he showed flashes of greatness when he did play, which wasn't too much. Hopefully he will be in as a starter this season, because he could be dangerous to opposing quarterbacks and running backs.

Head Coach Tony Sparano has been saying good things about Wake so far and praising how few mental errors he has been making.

Hopefully that can carry on to the season when we need him now more than ever at the LB spot. We will see how he does during training camp.

I will be sure to keep you guys posted.

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