Miami Dolphin Injuries Are Piling Up: Kory Sheets Is Out For The Season

Just a day after the Miami Dolphins lost LB A.J. Edds, they also lost RB Kory Sheets.

While Sheets was a backup, I believe that he had a lot of potential. Some people disagree with me on that, but I really did think that he could have done pretty well this year.

Oh well, we will have to wait another year to see how he does, but that is if Miami even decides to keep him. He was also a contender for the kick return position, so who knows how he could have done with that.

The injury was a torn achilles tendon and he will be out for the season. It is a shame to see to players out for the season in back-to-back days of training camp. Let's hope Miami can stay relatively injury free for the rest of the year.

How about you? Do you think the Miami Dolphins will keep Kory Sheets for next year?

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