The Miami Dolphins Best Surprise From Training Camp Was...

Chris Clemons courtesy of AP Photo/Phil Coale
There were a few questions we had this year coming into training camp and the preseason. Perhaps the biggest of those questions was how well the free safety position would perform, and whether they would be able to help the Miami Dolphins improve their terrible passing defense of last year.

We now have that answer. Chris Clemons is the answer, and he was the best surprise from training camp.

Clemons has done really well already and has been receiving high praise from Tony Sparano. He turned what was once a huge concern to me and many other Miami Dolphins fans into a cause for excitement.

Clemons has gotten more repetitions in practice than any other player on the Dolphins, and for good reason. It really was a position of concern. So, to hear that Clemons is really doing well is very encouraging.

Him and Yeremiah Bell have apparently been great together at the safety spots. It would be pretty cool to have a pair of safeties that work well together along with the pair of cornerbacks we already have that work well together (Sean Smith and Vontae Davis).

I don't know about you, but I am excited to see how well our passing defense can do this year.

Not that Clemons has already emerged as a star and one of the best free safeties in the league, but he sure has the potential to be one.

Don't be surprised if Clemons has a really great year, and if he can do well then the Dolphins passing defense should be a lot better. A lot of pressure is on this kid's shoulders. Let us hope he doesn't notice it.

Be sure to check back Saturday morning for my bold predictions for Chris Clemons.

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