Miami Dolphins CB Nate Ness Is Looking Promising

Nate Ness In College
One thing the Miami Dolphins don't have a shortage of is young, talented CBs.

The most recent to emerge is Nate Ness, who had a very good outing during the Dolphins preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Saturday.

He made a bunch of great plays, including a stop on 4th and goal late in the game. And, while the preseason doesn't matter that much, the Dolphins would have probably lost if Ness hadn't made the play.

Along with that play he also forced two fumbles and had multiple tackles and broken up passes. Ness showed he is a very good player with a lot of potential. My hope is that he stays with the team, and hopefully works his way up.

Miami already has 4 very good cornerbacks, so there is a possibility that Ness doesn't even make the team. But, I think it is only a very slight possibility. In all likelihood Ness continues to do well and makes the cut. 5 cornerbacks may seem like a lot to some people, but it is necessary because injury problems can really drain a team.

Dolphins fans don't have to be really concerned when one of our starting CBs goes down now, because we will have others to take their place and do just as well.

Anyways, Ness looks really good, and you should definitely watch out for him. He has already improved a lot from playing on the practice squad last year. He can (and will) only get better from here.

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