Miami Dolphins CB Sean Smith Was Struggling, But Now Appears To Be Doing Better

Sean Smith During Preseason Last Year
This post was originally going to be talking about CB Sean Smith, who some of you may know is my favorite player on the Miami Dolphins defense, not doing so well in the Miami Dolphins training camp.

Now, after Saturday's scrimmage I am much more excited to talk about his success today.

Smith was able to deflect the first practice of the scrimmage intended for Brandon Marshall today. That is great because Miami's coaches had him practicing with the second string Friday.

Smith had been going up against the newly acquired Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall for most of training camp and had been beaten most of the time. Maybe the Miami staff was trying to spark him into playing better.

I don't know for sure, but hopefully it has worked.

Smith started all 16 games as a rookie last year. While that is a major accomplishment, he still has a ways to go if he wants to be one of the best, which I think he can be. He has the size to match up with most receivers, and if he is able to stay focused and continue to develop he will be one of the best.

I am hoping the Dolphins will have Sean back in at 1st string CB, because he is a really talented cornerback with a lot of potential, and I think Miami would do better to have him in.

Just my opinion, but I really believe he will help the Miami Dolphins succeed. The defense is coming along really well, and Smith will help it come better.

What do you guys think? How good can Smith be? Let me hear it.

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