Miami Dolphins CB Will Allen Will Be Missed During Training Camp

News of the Miami Dolphins CB Will Allen's arthroscopic surgery has just recently surfaced, and while he will only miss training camp, he will be missed none the less.

The surgery was apparently a clean up from his surgery last fall.

I know that Allen isn't the starter at CB, but having him helped the starters a lot. He was added depth at the position, and depth made the competition better.

It motivated Sean Smith to perform better at the scrimmage after Allen was put in the 1st-string defense during the previous practice. Competition brings out the best in players, and losing Allen takes away some of the challenge.

Thankfully, Miami's other rookie CB Nolan Carroll is still there to add some competition. He has done really well and should keep the competition up, but not as much as Allen.

Just hope that Allen can recover as quickly as possible. We need him back to help keep up the competition.

Depth is the key, and competition will create a champion

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