Miami Dolphins FS Decision: Should The Dolphins Continue To Give Chris Clemons More Reps Or Not?

Chris Clemons
If the Miami Dolphins want to have a solid player at the FS position this year, they will need to make sure their player gets a lot of repetitions in practice.

The only problem with that is that you don't want to give your player too many reps and risk injuring him.

That is the current dilemma the Miami Dolphins coaching staff faces with second year FS Chris Clemons. Clemons is the most likely candidate to start at FS this year, so the Dolphins coaches have given him more reps than any other player on the team.

238 to be exact.

It is great that they are working him and giving him as much experience as possible, but I am not sure how much longer they want to push him this hard. An injury is the last thing Miami needs at Free Safety.

Tony Sparano and Mike Nolan will have enough trouble using what little they have at the position. Imagine taking away one of the potential starters and having to start preparing another player.

I am not saying that the Dolphins need to stop giving Clemons reps, and I am also not saying that they should reduce his reps.

I honestly don't know how well he is holding up. Maybe he is doing fine and isn't really affected by all of the work he is doing. We can't be sure. The only people that know that are Clemons and the people in the Dolphins organization.

So hope that Clemons doesn't get hurt, but also gets all of the practice he needs.

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