The Miami Dolphins Have A Really Good Chance At Winning Their Season Opener

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I just read an article by SI that talked about the Dolphins wanting to win their season opener.

The Miami Dolphins haven't been able to do it the last four seasons, so it seems like it will be a challenge. But it actually won't be as bad as other seasons.

That is because the Dolphins will be playing the Buffalo Bills in the opener. No team is an automatic win, but some teams sure are easier to win. One of those teams is the Buffalo Bills.

I think that Miami will be able to break their streak. The Bills are not exactly a very good team, and the Dolphins are.

A good start is exactly what the Dolphins will need, too. The past two seasons have been especially hard to come back from because the Dolphins started off badly for more than just the opener. It took a lot of wins later in the season to even have a respectable record, and last season wasn't exactly respectable.

Winning the opener is extra important because it kind of sets the tone for the season. While winning the season opener doesn't cause a team to have a good season, there is a strong correlation between the two.

It would be a huge thing for the Dolphins to win their opener. It does not matter whether they beat the best team in the league or the worst team. An opening season win will be huge.

Let me know what you guys think will happen in the opener. What is your prediction for the game?

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