The Miami Dolphins Lose LB A.J. Edds For The Season, But Bring In Someone To Replace Him Quickly

Miami Dolphins rookie Linebacker A.J. Edds has sustained a torn ACL, and will be out for the season. Edds was a fourth round draft pick for Miami, who drafted him to help in pass coverage.

It is a shame that Miami lost Edds, because he was very good at pass coverage. Miami's passing defense was awful last season, and the Dolphins organization has been doing what it could to build a defense that is better at pass coverage. Edds was part of that, but he is gone now.

Miami was obviously not going to dwell on the loss, though. They went and immediately signed undrafted linebacker Micah Johnson.

Johnson is a big and strong player who is very athletic. He is also very good at coverage, so while Miami lost a coverage LB, they still gained one. Granted, Johnson may not be as good as Edds was at this moment, but he still has a lot of potential.

Micah Johnson - Image courtesy of NFL Draft Dog
One thing that Johnson does have over Edds is athleticism and strength. Johnson is a beast. For proof just look at the picture to the right.

It is still not certain which LBs will make the team. Johnson would be an Inside-Linebacker if he does make it. While I am not sure Johnson's chances right now, I am just glad that Miami added depth to the ILB so quickly. That will help assure that you have the best chance to be successful.

That's all for now. Be sure to check back soon for more on the greatest team on earth.

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