The Miami Dolphins Preseason Week 2 Offensive Performance Is Very Encouraging

Anthony Fasano TD courtesy of Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP
Last night's offensive performance by the Miami Dolphins was very fun to watch. I don't care if it does not really mean too much because it is preseason. It was just fun to see our passing game work out so well.

Imagine if our passing offense can be just like that this season.

Brandon Marshall had a few great catches and two great blocks, but we already expect that from him. He was not too much of a surprise.

No, the biggest surprise was Tight End Anthony Fasano. Fasano had two receiving touchdowns. One was a relatively short reception with a long run following. The other was a great grab in the air inside the endzone.

It was also good to see Chad Henne do so well. He was 11 for 14 with 151 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and a 151.2 passer rating. It seemed like everything he threw was right on target and he was comfortable with the offense.

The best part about it was that Miami didn't really even have to rely on the running game. It is good to see that we will not have to worry as much about the passing game this year. The running game will no longer be the crutch that we lean on. Just another weapon we can use at any time.

Another fun thing to watch was how well Pennington did. If, knock on wood, Henne is injured and unable to play we will have Pennington ready to step in.

I know I have said before that we do not really need Pennington, and I honestly still do not think he is an absolute necessity. But, he sure can run the offense. The Dolphins offense won't lose much if he does have to step in.

So, be thankful that things are going well in the preseason so far. Now let's hope it translates into the regular season.

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