The Miami Dolphins Suffer Another Injury Setback

The Miami Dolphins injuries continue to pile on with the news of guard/tackle Nate Garner out for 8 weeks due to a surgery on his foot, which he broke last week.

The news of Garner's injury come less than a week after news of Will Allen having to be out for the preseason, and in the same preseason that the Dolphins have lost two players for the entire season.

We can only hope that the Dolphins don't have to worry about any more injuries. I know that I say this every time we have an injury, but I just hope that each time is the last time. The Dolphins also had injury problems last year, which was a big problem.

That's about all I have for today. I am sorry that the post was so short and I posted so late. I had internet problems and was unable to get on until it was fixed.

I promise I will have some good posts in the near future.

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