Miami Dolphins TE Joey Haynos Gone Leaves Anthony Fasano In An Even Better Position

Joey Haynos
The Miami Dolphins have just cut Joey Haynos just days after he was injured in the Dolphins preseason game against Atlanta. Haynos was the second string TE. He totaled 169 receiving yards and two touchdowns last year.

While Haynos' injury isn't great for the Dolphins, it is a good thing for Anthony Fasano. Haynos gone means that Fasano will get even more targets than usual. This further supports my belief that Fasano will have a great year this season.

Before the Dolphins would use multiple Tight Ends and switch them in and out. They still do that with David Martin and John Nalbone, but not nearly as much as they would have with Haynos.

In one of my bold predictions for Fasano I said that I thought he would get 50+ receptions. Now that he won't be sharing as many receptions with other TEs he should be able to get the 50+ receptions.

I still think that he could have gotten the 50 reception mark with Haynos in, but I am even more confident now that he won't share as much.

Please let me know what you guys think. I am open to your opinions.

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