Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall Is Doing More Than Just Receiving

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As soon as the Miami Dolphins added Brandon Marshall I immediately started thinking about how he would improve the Miami Dolphins offense and how he would be the threat Miami and Chad Henne was looking for.

He will definitely do all of the above, but he will also help Miami in another way.

He will help other players develop. Training camp only started last Friday, and I have already heard of two different players who said the Marshall would directly help them get better.

Those two players were CB Sean Smith and WR Patrick Turner.

Sean Smith said this on Friday after he was beat by Marshall in training camp:

"He's a great receiver. Now I see why we went out and got him. I'll learn a lot from him."

And, it is true. If you want to be the best you have to play the best, and Brandon Marshall is the best. Marshall beat Smith twice on Day 1, and you can bet Smith learned something from Marshall in just that day. Imagine Smith learning from Marshall over the course of multiple seasons.

He could develop into one of the top CBs.

The most recent player to admit Marshall’s help is receiver Patrick Turner. Turner made a great play in training camp Sunday. He later spoke about how he had been learning from Marshall. He also had this to say:

“You can't help but learn something from the guy every day. Brandon being sort of the same size and the same body type, I can go ask him questions and pick his mind a little bit.

It was good to hear that Turner was finally doing something because he has been a disappointment since the Dolphins drafted him. He still may not make the team, but now he has a much better chance now that he has learned from Marshall.

Thanks everyone for reading, and please let me know who you think Marshall will impact more this year?

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