Not A Very Good Showing From The Miami Dolphins First Offense

Chad Henne
The Miami Dolphins preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons was an ugly one, and it was especially ugly for the Dolphins offense. The only thing that seemed to work for the Miami offense was the short dump-off passes to the running backs, but even those didn't do anything really special.

I am still waiting to see a big connection between Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne. It has not been there so far, and I am hoping it will develop soon. Marshall will still be able to do well, but not as good as he is capable of if he does not click with Henne. I am counting on the Marshall-Henne connection to not really be much of a problem. They should be fine, but I just thought I would mention it.

Not only was the passing game bad, but the rushing game was even worse. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams just seemed unable to get anywhere. The most significant run came from rookie WR Marlon Moore on a reverse hand-off, and he was able to run the ball deep into the red-zone. Moore was one of the few bright spots from the game. He is really doing well this year, and he has a good shot at making the team.

On the other side, the Miami Dolphins Defense did better than the offense overall, but their performance was still pretty average. There were two good things I noticed about the defense, though. They seem to be pretty good at forcing turnovers, and Vontae Davis is really, really good. He had a great night in terms of coverage, and he also was able to force a fumble, too.

These are the types of games that we just want to forget and move on from. Let's hope this was just a rare occurence. Maybe our offense will be back to "normal" next week.

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