What? Why Would The Dolphins Trade Away Greg Camarillo?

Too Bad We Won't See Him In This Uniform Again
The Miami Dolphins traded WR Greg Camarillo to the Minnesota Vikings for CB Benny Sapp.

You may not know this, but Greg Camarillo was my favorite player on the Miami Dolphins offense. What I liked about him so much was the fact that he was so consistent and we could always count on him to play well. Even when the Dolphins weren't that great, Camarillo still did well.

That is why I am very, very disappointed that Miami traded him away. What really gets me, though, is that they traded him away for a cornerback.

The Miami Dolphins already have a lot of young, talented CBs. We don't need any more. Camarillo made a difference in the games. He caught some pretty important passes last season, and you know he will be able to do it again.

Too bad he won't be doing it for the Dolphins.

This is probably the biggest mistake the Dolphins have made since last season. Jason Taylor was good, but we didn't really need him too badly. Camarillo is a consistent player that can do whatever is required of him.

I don't understand why we would trade him for a player that we don't really need right now.

I understand that we have Brandon Marshall now. He will be a huge help to the passing offense and he reduces the amount we need Camarillo, but he still doesn't eliminate the fact that we need Camarillo.

It is very possible that he could be the next Wes Welker. Welker was traded to the Patriots from Miami a few years ago, and then he flourished into a great receiver. I almost don't want Camarillo to do well because it would mean the Dolphins made a bad move, but I would rather he does because he was my favorite Dolphins offensive player.

Good luck to Camarillo, and I will be rooting for him. He is a great player, and it is a shame to see him go.

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