Why Is There Even Discussion About Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne?

I thought I was the person who read too much into the preseason games, but there are apparently people who read a lot closer into it than me.

An article was written recently by the Miami Herald that told Miami Dolphins fans not to "write Miami Dolphins' Chad Henne off too quickly." I am just curious as to why there is even talk about writing him off.

The article was fine, and it was also correct. Fans are writing him off way too quickly. Just read the comments on the article for proof. A lot of the fans are commenting by saying that we should have Pennington starting. Here is a link to the article so you can read it and the comments:

Before Friday's game I hadn't heard one complaint about Henne. There was not anybody calling to bench him for Chad Pennington. I didn't hear a single person say that Pennington should be the starter.

But, after what should have been a meaningless game that means nothing, fans are calling for Pennington, all of the sudden. News flash for some of you fans out there:


There is no reason to write Henne off already. If I recall, Pennington lost all three games he played in last year, and it was Henne's job to clean up the mess. AND, he did a pretty good job of cleaning it up too. Henne had a winning record in his first season as the starting QB.

I understand that a lot of you out there are not calling for Pennington to replace Henne, and I am right there with you. Henne was our guy before, and one PRESEASON game won't change that.

Also, don't get me wrong, I like Pennington a lot. He is a great leader and QB. I am glad that we have him in case something happens to Henne. BUT, I do not want him to be our starter. Henne should be.

People are overreacting to something that they should hardly have any reaction to. Henne was our man before Friday. Why is he no longer our man after a preseason game?

That's all I've got. I know I promised not to talk about that preseason game anymore, but I had to because of everyone's reaction.

Let me know what you all think, and please let me hear your comments because I want to know what my readers actually think. I will not criticize you, I promise.

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