Will Anthony Fasano Perform Like He Did Two Seasons Ago For The Miami Dolphins?

Anthony Fasano
Anthony Fasano has been up and down the past two years.

Two seasons ago he did extremely well and was an instrumental part of the Miami Dolphins successful turnaround. He was also one of the top performing tight ends in the league. But, last season wasn't nearly as good of a season for Fasano. He didn't perform nearly as well and was not among the top tight ends in the league.

One reason for Fasano's dip in performance could be because Chad Henne became the QB and didn't use him as much, or as well, as Chad Pennington did. Henne is still young, and the Dolphins were forced to run the ball even more than they would normally to take some of the load off of Henne.

Now, that isn't so much of a problem. Henne has more experience, and he also has better weapons. The addition of Brandon Marshall helps Fasano more than it hurts him.

Yes, Marshall will take away some receptions from Fasano, but he will also require double coverage a lot. That extra man will have to come from somewhere, and he may be the person that normally covers Fasano. I know it normally isn't that simple, but double coverage will help Fasano at least a little bit.

My reason for talking about Fasano is because of how well he performed in the most recent preseason game against the Jaguars. He had two touchdowns and 66 receiving yards. While that doesn't indicate exactly how he will do this year, it does give me a little bit of hope.

Those are some of the reasons why I do believe Fasano will return to his form from two years ago. He has all of the help he needs, and now he just needs to use it to his advantage. I really believe he has the potential to do very, very well this year.

Fasano is a very talented TE, and we need him to do well this year. Tight Ends are becoming increasingly important in the pass-first offenses of today. The Miami Dolphins should be no exception. And, I think he will be a Top 10 TE this year.

He was two years ago, so why wouldn't he be again?

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