Brandon Marshall Has Not Been The Best Performing Offseason Acquisition For The Miami Dolphins So Far

Mike Nolan
When the Miami Dolphins added Brandon Marshall this offseason, there was not a single Dolphins fan that I know of that was disappointed with the move. Everyone agreed that Miami needed him, and he was exactly the type of receiver they were looking for.

Marshall has done well, too, but he has only done as much as the Dolphins have given him the opportunity to do. The play-calling on offense has not been in Marshall's favor as most would have liked, but he has still done well.

But -by no fault of his own- Brandon Marshall's performance this year for the Miami Dolphins has not been the best of the Dolphins offseason acquisitions.

No, that honor belongs to defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

He was hired as the defensive coordinator during the offseason, and he sure has performed well so far. He has completely turned around the Miami Dolphins defense, and he has turned them into an aggressive group that has not allowed many points to this point.

Brandon Marshall does have the potential to be be the best performing offseason acquisition, but the offensive play-calling is to blame for how he has done so far. But, it isn't like he has done bad. Nolan has just been really great.

I am not even sure whether Brandon Marshall will be able to perform better than Nolan's defense this season. Marshall could have a career year, but he still might not be the best performer because of how well Nolan is performing.

That is a good problem to have, though. Both have played really well, and it would be great for both to continue to do well(and better in Marshall's case).

Let me know your opinion. Do you think Marshall will be able to perform better than Nolan? I understand that Nolan does not technically perform, but you can consider what he does performing because you do have to be skilled to do it.

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