Brandon Marshall Is Everything The Miami Dolphins Want Him To Be And More

Who else is excited about Brandon Marshall's performance for the Miami Dolphins Sunday night?

I know I am. Marshall is three catches ahead of pace (22 receptions) if he wants to reach 100 this season. In his performance Sunday he had 166 receiving yards, 10 receptions, and a touchdown.

Marshall is a big reason Chad Henne looked great last night. Heck, he is a big reason the Miami Dolphins looked great on offense as a whole. He is worth every penny of that fat contract he was awarded when the Dolphins got him.

In all honesty I was concerned about how Marshall would be this year. I knew he would do as well as the offense would allow him to do, but I didn't think the offense would allow him to do as much as he did against the Jets.

He Plays Well In Orange I Think
I was also afraid that Chad Henne wouldn't be able to get Marshall the ball accurately. That has not been too much of a problem, but Marshall would have easily had two more touchdowns if Henne was able to put the ball on the mark in each of the first two games.

Not a problem, though. Marshall has emerged as a huge force for Miami despite the concerns surrounding the offense. It seems like a weird thing to think about, but I believe Miami is finally making a transformation to a more pass-oriented offense. It may still take a while for them to really become a pass-first offense, but we saw the beginnings of the shift to passing Sunday night.

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