Brandon Marshall Will Be A Top 5 Receiver - Miami Dolphins Bold Predictions

Brandon Marshall
Brandon Marshall is a huge addition to the Miami Dolphins. Nobody can argue against that. Some people think he will be less of an addition than others, but he will still make a huge impact.

The following is my prediction for Brandon Marshall this season. For those of you who do not know, I am a huge Marshall fan and I think he will have one of his best years ever.

A lot of people are questioning whether Brandon Marshall will be able to get his 100+ receptions this year, but I am here to tell you not to worry. He will get whatever the team needs him to do. 100 receptions or not, he will still be a huge help for the Dolphin offense.

He will be worth every penny when he reaches all of the predictions I have for him. And, he will get to my predictions. Trust me, I'm always right.

So, here are the predictions. Feel free to comment with your own predictions at the bottom of the article.

1300 Receiving Yards

I didn't want to set this mark too high, because the Dolphins will run the ball a lot. They will definitely pass more than last year, but they still will not stray from the run game.

If the Dolphins were more of a passing team, Marshall would get 1,400 yards easily. But, they are not so he will have to settle for 1200.

I do think that having such a great running game will help him a lot. Defenses cannot just focus on covering Marshall. They also have to worry about stopping the run. That is what will make Marshall so dangerous. He isn't the main concern of defenses.

12 Receiving Touchdowns

This is where I think Marshall will improve most thanks to the Dolphins. He may not get as many yards as before, but I think he will get a lot of red-zone targets.

Instead of the Dolphins having to run the ball when in the red zone, they can throw it to Marshall. He is very tall, and he is a big target. Defenses will be ready for Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams to take the ball, but instead Chad Henne (not Pennington) will drop back and throw it up for Marshall.

Add those red-zone targets to a few longer touchdown receptions and you have 12 touchdowns in no time.

105 Receptions

The most receptions Brandon Marshall has gotten in a season is 104, so I figured that I would add one more for this season. Brandon Marshall is the best possible receiver the Miami Dolphins could have gotten. He catches a lot of short-yardage passes, which Miami loves, and then turns them into long receptions with yards after the catch.

The Dolphins offense last year was a bunch of short plays. While Marshall can turn those short plays into big ones, he will not always. That is why his receptions will go up. He does not always get the big play for a touchdown, so the Dolphins drive will have to continue. That just means more opportunities for Marshall to pile on his receptions.

I did the math, and if Marshall is to reach 105 receptions he will need 7 receptions a game. It may sound like a hard task, but all it will take is Marshall catching one or two receptions every drive.

That's all for now, please be sure to post a comment with your own predictions. I am interested to hear your opinions.

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