Chad Henne Will Shine On Prime Time For The Miami Dolphins

There is nothing like a nationally televised football game, unless of course, it is a nationally televised Miami Dolphins game.

This game will be Chad Henne's first game of the season that will be viewed by the entire country, and I expect him to show up in a big way Sunday night.

This is the game that proves to everyone that Chad Henne is a top quarterback in the NFL, and it could not have come at a better time.

The New York Jets are the perfect team for him to beat.

Practically anyone who follows football in the slightest knows about the self-proclaimed "Super Bowl Champions-to be" New York Jets. The casual fan will probably also know about the New York Jets very good defense because of how much they were talked about so much during the offseason.

Chad Henne, on the other hand, is someone that most casual fans do not know much(if at all) about. Henne has been good so far in just under a full year at the helm of the Miami Dolphins, but he has not been good enough to become a household name. He is no Peyton Manning, and not many people know much about him. Most fans have probably heard of him, but they do not pay much attention to him or consider him to be a really good quarterback.

That will change Sunday night.

Chad Henne is going to have a great game through the air, and people will recognize what he is able to do because of the defense he is playing.

If you walk up to a casual fan and ask him/her what team has the best defense in the NFL (without bias), chances are he/she would say the New York Jets, which is why when Henne shreds their defense Sunday night people will take notice. It won't even matter that Darrelle Revis is out with an injury because regular fans do not pay attention to names on defense. They just look at how the defense does as a whole.

The Miami Dolphins have not shown much of a passing offense in the previous two weeks, but I have reason to believe that will change. I think the Dolphins have been waiting to unveil their real passing offense until a big division matchup like this one.

This game is more important than either game that the Dolphins have won so far, which is why Miami will throw the ball more. They will need to put up points to assure a win, which would be huge for the AFC East division standings. A 3-0 start would be great for Miami, but it is especially important because it puts the Jets at 1-2.

The biggest impact would be on the mentality of the Jets, though. They came into this season thinking that the Super Bowl was all but theirs, but a loss to a team in their division would be crushing and hard to recover from.

It is a key game, and I don't see how the Dolphins could do anything but throw the ball to get ahead. Our defense will take care of Mark Sanchez. All we have to do is score.

Henne is capable of being successful. The play-calling has been what has hindered him to this point. The play-calling has to start to favor Chad Henne more if the Miami Dolphins want to continue winning this season.

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