Feast Or Famine: The Miami Dolphins Secondary Could Do Really Well Or Really Bad

He's Throwing An Interceptions To The Dolphins
Everyone knows Brett Favre, and everyone knows how he plays.

High Risk and High Reward.

He will always go for the big play because that is his style.

It is why he throws interceptions like he does. With those interceptions, though, come a lot of touchdowns. That is why he is considered by most to be one of the best quarterbacks to ever play football.

With Brett Favre your offense is either feast or famine. The same goes for opposing defenses, which is what the Miami Dolphins will be this week. They will either feast or famine on Brett Favre's throws.

Miami's secondary played extremely well last week, and even though that was against the Bills, they still did well. I want to see how well they can play against a much more talented passer like Favre.

It is very possible that they can do well against Favre. Our defense is very aggressive and can make things happen. They could capitalize on mistakes and risks that Favre takes and turn them into turnovers.

But, that could also work the other way around. Favre could capitalize on the Miami Dolphins mistakes and risks. Basically, that means that the winning side will be the one who is able to risk successfully and capitalize on the others.

Honestly, I like Miami's chances this week. I know a lot of people are doubting the Dolphins, but they will do a lot better than they are predicted to. Favre is nowhere near where he was last season. He is slower and can't throw as far or fast. On top of that he doesn't even have his best receiver to help him out. Greg Camarillo is great, but he is no Sidney Rice when it comes to making big plays.

But, I have one last question related to feasting or famine on Favre, and it is an interesting thought for you, my readers: Who is more aggressive? Brett Favre or the Miami Dolphins defense?

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