For The First Time In My Miami Dolphins Life I Am Rooting Against Greg Camarillo

Too Bad He No Longer Wears This Jersey
I never thought that I would ever root against Greg Camarillo, but then again, I never thought Greg Camarillo would play for a different team in the NFL.

But in less than a week rooting against Camarillo is exactly what I will be doing. It is a shame that he is gone, but I have no choice other than rooting against him. He is no longer with the Miami Dolphins.

I do wonder how well Camarillo will be able to do in Minnesota. After all, he was practicing against this Dolphins secondary during a lot of training camp. He might know a few secrets about how to beat the secondary.

That could work both ways, though. The Miami Dolphins secondary may know tricks to shut Camarillo down.

I know it sounds like I am saying that Camarillo is a big play threat, and we all know he is not, but he is extremely good at catching everything that comes his way and getting first downs. We want our secondary to keep the ball from getting to his hands because that is where he is so dangerous.

Hopefully they know his tendencies, because nothing is more frustrating than giving up a first down after a third and long, and that is something Camarillo will do to you. He will keep a drive going and help his offense get in better position to score.

The Vikings hardly used Camarillo at all last week, but he still impressed with a great 29 yard catch. So, it is very possible that Minnesota will use him more this week. While I still like Greg Camarillo a lot and hope that his career is a huge success from here on, I hope that he waits another week and then continues his great career during week three.

Let me hear it. How do you think Camarillo will do? Will he be an important factor in the Vikings offense on Sunday?

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