Jason Allen Has Been Named Starter For Miami Dolphins

Meet Our New Starting CB
You know we are in trouble when Jason Allen is starting over Sean Smith.

Maybe Jason Allen has finally developed into a good corner, and maybe he will be a big contributor to the Miami Dolphins. That's not likely, though.

The move of benching Sean Smith in favor of Jason Allen is a big concern to me. It is a bad thing for two reasons. One, Smith must be really struggling, and two, we have to resort to putting Allen in there.

This move also comes at a terrible time because veteran CB Will Allen has just been put on IR, so he can't step in.

There are three good scenarios that we can only hope for:
1. The Dolphins pick up another very talented CB off waivers or free agent, but that is unlikely because there probably isn't too much talent available.

2. Jason Allen ends up being a very successful corner. He hasn't done too much in his 5 year career, but maybe he has really started developing. One can only hope.

3. Sean Smith comes back and better than ever. This would be my preferred outcome. Smith is my favorite player on the Miami Dolphins. I'm not positive, but it is possible he has just gotten a little bit lazy this off-season. I honestly do not know for sure, but I don't know why else he would have lost his spot to Allen.

Hopefully we end up with one of those outcomes, but I am not really sure that we will. This team looked so good in the off-season and coming into the preseason. Injuries and poor exhibition play has really dampened my spirits.

What is even worse is the fact that my two favorite players on the Dolphins have been traded away and benched in the last month. Smith has been benched and Greg Camarillo was traded to the Minnesota Vikings for CB Benny Sapp.

With the way our luck is, Sapp may end up being the starter because Allen isn't doing well, either.

Oh well, I am still excited about this year. Hopefully Brandon Marshall is all he was in Denver and more, because we definitely need him now.

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