Kick Returner Clifton Smith Has Joined The Miami Dolphins, And He Should Be A Big Help

Meet Our 10 Extra Yards Man
The Miami Dolphins have signed Clifton Smith, who is a kick return specialist.

His official position may be running back, but that is not at all why he is on the roster. He was brought in to do one thing, and that is returning kicks.

I am glad to see that we brought him in. Kick returning was not a strong point for the Dolphins, but bringing him in will make it a strong point.

Clifton averaged 29.1 yards per kick return, and he is much better than Ted Ginn Jr. was. Ginn's average was 24.9, and that was with 100 and 101 yard TD returns against the New York Jets. If you take away those two long returns, then Ginn's average becomes 21.05 yards per return.

That is almost a 10 yard difference on every return. That is a huge number, and it would be a lot nicer to be able to start 10 yards closer to the end zone on every possession.

Last year the Dolphins were always forced to have long drives, and when you combined the field position they had with their playing style, it was no wonder they had a huge time of possession every game. And, they didn't even benefit from that time of possession, either.

So, why tire our offense when we can shorten the drive and still get results?

Adding Clifton Smith was a pretty big move for Miami. While it may not seem like a very significant move, trust me it is. Shorter drives equal more points, and more points equal more wins.

Ted Ginn may have helped us win one game, but Smith will help us win every game.

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