Miami Dolphins Center Joe Berger Is Just As Good As Jake Grove Without Injuries Or A High Paycheck

Joe Berger
The Miami Dolphins recently released Jake Grove who they signed in 2009 for a $29.5 million 5-year contract. Grove was guaranteed $14.5 million, so that is basically what he was paid for a year in the NFL. That is star quarterback money.

While signing Grove was an obvious mistake, he will not be missed at all. That is because Joe Berger is ready to step in to his place.

Berger and Grove were competing for the starting center spot, and the position battle between the two was probably the most competitive battle on the Miami Dolphins squad.

That means that the two were similar in talent because they would not really be competing with each other if they were not equally talented. The Dolphins released Grove mainly because of his injury concerns.

That is a good reason in itself because we do not want to have to worry about losing our center for however long. We can be confident that Berger will stay in for the whole season.

Another benefit is the money. Berger's contract is $700,000. That is significantly lower than what Grove would have made for the next few years. I do not know what Berger's contract will be like next season if he is successful for this season, but it is likely not going to be as much as Grove would have made.

Berger is also two years younger, so while that does not make a huge difference it is still better.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and please be sure to comment with the new system. Tell me what you think about Grove going and Berger starting.

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