Miami Dolphins Secondary Falls Short In Close Loss To The New York Jets

The Running Game Did Not Fare Well Sunday Night

Oh, the highs and lows of professional football.

The Miami secondary and rushing offense was pretty unimpressive in the Miami Dolphins 23-31 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday Night.

Just one week removed from Jason Allen's breakout 2 interception performance against Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings he gave up a couple of big plays that could have ended the Jets drive late in the game.

It is a shame he couldn't make the big play because we probably would have won the game if he was able to.

I'm not concerned about the Dolphins defense just yet, though. It is only one game, and they were able to do pretty well if you exclude the Jets first two drives.

My concern is more for the offense, and especially the offensive playcalling. I understand the fact that you do not want to become one-dimensional in a game, but if the passing game is working why would the Miami Dolphins bother trying to run the Wildcat or another trick play?

Chad Henne was having a great night, so it puzzled me whenever Miami had momentum after a big pass and they would try and run the wildcat against a great run defense.

The wildcat is a great play, don't get me wrong, but it should not be what the Dolphins always try and run when they have some momentum. They ran it twice in a row last week in Minnesota right after a bomb to Brandon Marshall, and it seemed to me like they did it again a few times this week, too.

The passing game was working great, and I don't understand why they would try and switch to the run in the middle a successful drive throwing through the air.

Another complaint I have with the offense has to do with Chad Henne staring down who he is going to throw the ball to. I know I am not the only person who has noticed it. As soon as he hikes the ball you can tell who he is going to throw to immediately because he stares right at the receiver the entire play.

It actually worked out pretty well against the Jets, but I am not so sure it will always work. Let's just count on him developing out of that because it is not the greatest habit to keep as a quarterback.

Henne did have a great game, though. I like that type of offense a whole lot more than them running the ball a lot.

Now all we need the coaches to do is put the team in a mentality that they need to keep scoring and scoring and not just try and hold the other team off with defensive plays.

The Dolphins have too many close games, and it seems like they always play to the same level of whoever they are playing. I would like them to play at a higher level than some teams because they are capable of it. In close games all it takes is one mistake to lose it all, so why keep it close?

Miami fans need to give their team a break every once in a while and just blow a team out.

The Dolphins are going to lose all their fans from heart attacks late in the fourth quarter, and then they won't have enough fans to stay in business and root for them.

All in all, though, it was a pretty good game. Even though we lost we are still tied atop the division at 2-1. This season is far from over, and we will still have a chance to beat the Jets later this season.

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