Nate Garner Is Gone, And Our Offensive Line Is Not Looking Nearly As Good Now

A Healthy Nate Garner
News has recently come up that Nate Garner has been placed on IR.

This is bad news for the Miami Dolphins already depleted offensive line. Our line does not need another person out, but that is exactly what we are getting. Garner's placement on the IR is very badly timed because the season starts in a week, and that is not much time to build up the O-line.

I hope that the Dolphins are able to make a move to get some more depth and talent on the offensive line. For that matter, I hope they are willing to make a move for more depth and talent.

We desperately need to either make a trade or pick up an available player off waivers.

If the Dolphins don't get more help on the line, then we could be looking at a very bad season. One of the reasons our running game does so well is that we have a great offensive line. If that line isn't as good, then our running game will suffer.

Imagine our running game unable to do well because we do not have as good of an offensive line.

That would be a weird thought, but it is possible.

Just hope that you will be able to hear the news soon about the Dolphins adding a new guard or tackle. It would be pretty bad if they didn't.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment on what you think. This is an important piece of the Dolphins offense we are looking at. I imagine you have some kind of opinion.

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