New Commenting System: I Need Your Help

Hello everyone.

I have noticed some problems with the commenting system, so I was forced to change it to a better one. It may take some getting used, but I think it will be better in the long run because the old comments were not cutting it.

I apologize to everyone, but I just had to fix the problems to allow everyone who wants to comment the ability to do so easily.

So, I am now asking you guys to please help me out and ensure that the comments are working. There are a few different ways to post comments. You can either post with an IntenseDebate account, Wordpress account, OpenID account, or as a guest.

They are all pretty simple and are the only options. Unless you have a Wordpress or OpenID account already, I would not recommend that you use those. The IntenseDebate comments are the best option if you do not want to post just as a guest.

To create an account all you have to do is click on the blue IntenseDebate box below the comment box, click the link "create an account", and then follow the instructions to create an account. Once you have created an account you can edit your profile, profile picture, and keep track of your activity using the account.

I need help from anyone who is willing to do so. If you experience any problems or run into any difficulties please email me at

I need your feedback because I need to know how the comments work. I appreciate your help, and thank you for reading. I hope that my work is entertaining enough for you to read. If you ever don't like a certain style of how I write please feel free to tell me. I need to know what my readers like and do not like. The more feedback I get, the better the blog will be.

Thanks again, and please contact me at

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