NFL Network Analysts Need To Leave Brandon Marshall Alone

It is incredible how much people use a microscope on Brandon Marshall.

Even after he has an incredible performance for the Miami Dolphins it wasn't enough for analysts on NFL Network. Marshall had 10 receptions for 166 yards and a touchdown.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that those are good statistics for a receiver.

In the video on the analysts talk about how Marshall is a playmaker and he needs to be ready to make a play, but doesn't because he is tired after a long game. While that may seem like a good argument on their part, it actually isn't.

Here is the video

If you watch the video, you will notice that Chad Henne hardly even looks Marshall's way. Marshall is used as more of a decoy than anything else. Henne threw the ball to the opposite side of Marshall on two of the three plays including the last play.

The Dolphins were expecting the Jets to put extra coverage on Marshall, so they wanted to throw it to somebody else who New York wouldn't have expected them to.

While it didn't work, it was still a good idea. I know we all wanted Henne to throw it to Marshall, but the Jets were ready for them with their best coverage men against him.

I just don't think it is fair to slam Marshall after such a good game. It seems like the Dolphins have their passing plays already mapped out ahead of time, and maybe Marshall was not supposed to be thrown to during any of the plays except the first fade.

That's all for now. Do you agree with the analysts, or do you think they are being too critical? Let me know what you think.

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