Ricky Williams Had More Carries Than Ronnie Brown: Does That Mean Anything For The Miami Dolphins?

Two Of The Most Important Men In Miami
Here are two interesting statistics I found for the Miami Dolphins concerning Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams: 18 and 13. Those two numbers are the amount of carries the two backs had against the Buffalo Bills last Sunday.

Can you guess which back had 18 and which had 13?

You probably can because of the title, but if you had not read the title what would you have guessed?

Most people, including me, would have probably guessed Ronnie Brown had more carries. But, that is not the case. Ricky had 18 carries compared to Ronnie's 13.

Maybe the Dolphins are trying to really limit Ronnie Brown's carries to avoid injuries. I want Miami to hand off to Brown more because he averaged five yards a carry against the Bills, but I also don't want them to hand it off to him much more because he will be at a higher risk of injuries and we need him healthy.

I actually believe that Brown will not get more carries than Williams for the majority of the season. There may be the occasional game where we desperately need him to run, but I am willing to bet that he will not get more than Williams from week to week.

Ricky Williams is a very capable running back, which is why I don't think Brown will be needed to carry the biggest part of the load.

My belief is that we can rely on Ricky Williams just as much as Ronnie Brown.

Let me know what you think. Do you think Ronnie Brown will get more carries than Ricky or less? Am I overrating Ricky?

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