Should The Miami Dolphins Scrap The Wildcat?

This Cat Needs To Go Away For A Little While
The Wildcat has been great for the Miami Dolphins since they brought it in two years ago, but recently is has been a hindrance more than a help for the Dolphins offense.

No other team has been able to successfully run the wildcat with any consistency like Miami has, and a large part of that has been because Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams have put a lot of time and effort into learning and running it well. It has also been able to work so well because of the Miami Dolphins commitment to staying with and continuing to develop it.

But, even after all the work that the Miami Dolphins had put in it, it has only seemed to get in the way this season. More than anything else, the wildcat has just interrupted the momentum that we gained from the passing offense.

Every time the offense has been in a rhythm and able to get the ball moving the Dolphins would run the wildcat and instantly kill all of their momentum.

It has become an unwelcome visitor to many people like me who want to see the Dolphins develop into a passing team, and many fans have already called for its permanent removal from the offense.

So, here is my proposal for a different idea that would probably work out the best for Miami's offense:

The Miami Dolphins need to put the wildcat away for at least a few, and maybe as many as 10, weeks.

Our passing offense has finally become what we were hoping it could be, so why would we bother keeping the wildcat in? Putting the wildcat away will give the passing offense more opportunities.

I don't know if people realize it, but we have a lot of incredible receivers. Brandon Marshall is a beast, but we also have a great supporting cast with him. Davone Bess doesn't drop anything, and Brian Hartline can be a threat deep at almost any time.

You may or may not remember, but the Dolphins offense opened up on the first play against New York on Sunday night with a bomb from Chad Henne to Brian Hartline, and Hartline would have had a huge catch for a gain if Henne had not overthrown him by a couple of inches.

Another benefit of putting it away is that we could bring it out in a crucial game when our opponent doesn't prepare for it because they believe it is gone for good. What helped the wildcat when it first came out against New England was the Patriots were not prepared at all for it.

Now teams are prepared for it, so it doesn't work as well.

I understand why the Dolphins coaches want to continue to run it, but there has to be a point where you realize that it is not working as well as you planned and it is time to leave it for a while.

It isn't like Miami won't be running the ball, either. They can still hand it off to Ronnie and Ricky, but it would be out of a normal offense when the defense still has to worry about the threat of a pass. Whenever they lined up at the wildcat defenses weren't as concerned with covering the pass because it was not a huge threat. The main threat was the run, and defenses are starting to really stop it.

That is just what I believe the Miami Dolphins should do. I don't honestly think they would be willing to drop the wildcat for any long period of time, but we will see.

Thanks for reading, and I apologize that I did not get this post up sooner. I had an extremely painful migraine last night, and I didn't feel well enough to sit up, let alone get on my computer.

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