Special Teams Play Is The Miami Dolphins Biggest Weakness

Despite all of the talk about the Miami Dolphins needing to remove the wildcat from their offense, there is a bigger problem they have to deal with.

Poor special teams.

Special teams has been overlooked for the Dolphins this week because of the wildcat's recent ineffectiveness, and while the wildcat still is a problem it has not hurt Miami nearly as much as poor special teams has.

At Least Dan Carpenter Makes Most Of These
A big reason Miami lost to the New York Jets was our special teams play. From poor kickoff and punt coverage to kicking the ball out of bounds on kickoffs to having a punt blocked deep in their own territory, the Dolphins might as well have just handed the Jets the win.

There is nothing like always having to play defense on a short field and always having to play offense on a long one. You can have a great defense, but that defense can only do so much when they have a short field to work with.

This hasn't been a recent thing, either. It was a problem last year, too. Ted Ginn Jr.'s two kick return TDs against the Jets may have masked the special teams poor performance during the rest of the year, but it was still bad.

It seemed to me like our return game would have improved with the addition of Clifton Smith at the beginning of this season, but that was short-lived as the Dolphins released him after Week 2.

Miami's Special Teams Coordinator John Bonamego has not been impressive thus far, and I can't help but wonder how long he will be with the team. I hope he will be able to pick up the special teams for his sake as well as the teams, but I am not so sure how long he will last.

But, I don't care how they do it. I just want the Miami Dolphins to fix their special teams because I hate seeing them do well on offense and defense only to lose it on special teams.

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