Tony Sparano Announces That Sean Smith Will Join The Miami Dolphins Surging Defense

Jason Allen Did Very Good Sunday
Just over a day ago the Miami Dolphins completed a great defensive performance on the way to a win over the Buffalo Bills.

But, the Dolphins are already going to make a change. While I am not sure how significant the move will be to the defense, but it is significant to me. Head Coach Tony Sparano announced that CB Sean Smith would be playing next Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

Smith did not play at all against Buffalo, and - in his usual fashion - Sparano said only a little bit using a lot of words.

"Sean is going to get out there, he's going to play. It's not a confidence thing it's not any of those things. I just keep trying to tell you guys that this guy is playing pretty good. (Jason Allen) did play good yesterday, so I just didn't feel like moving him. It wouldn't be any different if Sean was in there. I wouldn’t have played Jason if that was the case."

Basically, Sparano said that the reason he didn't play Smith wasn't that he was not confident in him. It was just that Jason Allen was playing well enough that he didn't need to put Smith in.

Sounds like a good problem to have to me. It will be interesting to see how Smith plays Sunday.

That is it for now, but is it just me, or does anybody else notice how Sparano interviews? He just doesn't say much even though he is talking a lot. Just a thought.

Thanks for reading.

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